Crackstreams NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and Soccer Streams.

Crackstreams is one of the most popular sports streaming platforms on the internet, providing streaming links to the following sports: NFL, NBA, MMA, MLB, NCAAF, NHL, Boxing, Moto GP/F1, Golf, Tennis, IPL T20 Cricket and European soccer.

Below we have added all relevant updated information about Crackstreams, including its current working website,  functionality, legal implications, safety concerns, and alternatives.

What is Crackstreams?

Crackstreams is a sports streaming website that provides users with access to live streams of various sports events, including NBA, NFL, MMA, UFC, boxing, and more. It has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and the availability of high-quality streaming content. The platform aims to offer sports fans a convenient and cost-effective way to watch their favorite games and matches.

How does Crackstreams work?

Crackstreams aggregates streaming links from various sources and provides users with access to these streams through its website. Users can navigate through the different categories of sports and select the event they wish to watch. The website updates the streaming links one day before the event to ensure users have access to the most recent streams. Additionally, Crackstreams maintains an active presence on Reddit, where users can find community discussions and additional streaming links.

Currently re-direct users to, so you can also begin there.

What happened to the original website?

The original website is no longer available. Due to various reasons, such as legal issues and takedowns, the original website might have been taken offline or rendered inaccessible. It’s important to note that accessing unauthorized streaming platforms may violate copyright laws and compromise the safety of users’ devices.

What is the current working Crackstreams 2.0 website?

The current working websites for Crackstreams are and

For specific sports, please see:

NBA streams:
NFL streams:
NHL streams:
MLB streams:
MMA streams:
Boxing streams:
UFC and MMA streams:
XFL streams:
NCAAF streams:

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and verify the website’s legitimacy and safety before accessing it, as streaming websites can be subject to changes and potential legal issues. Currently re-directs users to, so you can also begin there.

Is Crackstreams legal?

The legal status of Crackstreams remains unverified, as it offers unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content. Accessing copyrighted material without proper authorization from rights holders may infringe upon intellectual property laws. Therefore, it is advisable to explore legal alternatives to stream sports events.

Is Crackstreams safe from viruses?

While Crackstreams might provide streaming options, there are concerns about the safety of the website in terms of potential viruses and malware. Users may encounter pop-up ads and redirects that can lead to malicious websites. It is recommended to use antivirus software and a virtual private network (VPN) to enhance security while accessing streaming platforms like Crackstreams.

What are the best legal Crackstreams alternatives? and have been the go-to platforms for sports fans seeking live streaming of their favorite games and matches. However, due to the uncertainties surrounding its legality and safety, it’s important to consider alternative options that offer reliable and legitimate sports streaming experiences. For users seeking legal and safe alternatives to Crackstreams, several options are available:


As a popular sports streaming service, ESPN+ offers an extensive range of live sporting events, including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, and more. It provides access to both mainstream and niche sports, with high-quality streams and comprehensive coverage. ESPN+ requires a subscription, but it offers a reliable and legal platform for sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games.


DAZN is a dedicated sports streaming service that focuses on boxing, MMA, soccer, and other sports. It provides live and on-demand coverage of various events, including exclusive access to major boxing matches. With a subscription-based model, DAZN offers a user-friendly interface, high-definition streams, and multiple device compatibility, making it a solid alternative to

NBC Sports.

For fans of major American sports leagues, NBC Sports provides a reliable option for streaming live games. Through its website and app, NBC Sports offers coverage of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and more. Users can access live streams, game highlights, and on-demand content, ensuring a comprehensive sports viewing experience.

CBS All Access.

CBS All Access (now Paramount+) is a streaming platform that offers live sports coverage, including NFL games and NCAA basketball. It also provides access to a wide range of CBS sports programs and exclusive content. With a subscription, users can enjoy live streams, replays, and in-depth sports analysis, making CBS All Access a suitable alternative for users.

Google TV.

With YouTube TV as its primary live streaming service, Google TV offers an impressive range of features. Boasting a robust digital video recorder (DVR) and search mechanism, YouTube TV stands out among its competitors. Its extensive channel lineup and surround sound support make it an attractive choice for movie and sports enthusiasts.

Other Crackstreams Alternatives.

The following are free alternatives to Crackstreams. Please familiarize yourself with the legality of streaming sports content in your country before using these platforms:

Sport Surge:

Sport Surge is an online platform that offers real-time streaming of athletic events. It pioneered the concept of streaming sports to mobile devices, providing users with an easy way to find and watch their favorite games. With a user-friendly website, Sport Surge allows fans to stay updated on the latest sporting events free of charge.

VIP Row Sports:

When it comes to legal online sports streaming, VIP Row Sports stands out as a top contender. Alongside popular sports like rugby, golf, tennis, and horse racing, this streaming service offers access to live events, internet TV, and on-demand sports content. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet, VIP Row Sports caters to sports fans across various devices.

Play Movie:

Play Movie is a comprehensive sports streaming platform that covers a wide range of popular activities, including basketball, rugby, motorcycling, boxing, tennis, and ice hockey. This platform serves as a one-stop-shop for all your sports streaming requirements, providing a diverse selection of sports content.


Stream2Watch is an IPTV service that grants users access to some of the most-watched channels from pivotal countries. Although it may have a limited number of channels compared to other providers, Stream2Watch ensures high-quality programming for a satisfying streaming experience.


StreamEast is a free live streaming website that caters to various sports, including soccer, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, and racing. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides access to already-running live feeds, ensuring users don’t miss out on their favorite matches. While using free streaming platforms like StreamEast, it’s important to be cautious and employ appropriate security measures.


Similar to Crackstreams in many ways, Buffstreams provide links to live streaming on other streaming platforms. Very popular website.


123TV is a popular sports streaming site that offers a wide range of sports channels and events. With its user-friendly interface and diverse content library, users can enjoy live streams of soccer, basketball, MMA, and more. It serves as a free alternative to, allowing users to access live sports without any subscription fees.


For those seeking an alternative to traditional cable TV, FuboTV is a compelling option. Although priced higher than some competitors, FuboTV’s family plan offers an extensive channel lineup. With a sleek and professional interface, FuboTV provides a user-friendly streaming experience for sports enthusiasts.

Games TV IPTV:

Sports TV, also known as Games TV IPTV, offers a wide variety of channels and connections, delivering HD quality content and a consistent Electronic Program Guide (EPG) experience. While occasional buffering and channel availability issues may arise, Sports TV presents an extensive lineup of English-language channels from the US, UK, Canada, as well as channels from other countries.


As the streaming market focuses heavily on sports, FootyBite emerges as a prominent player. Specializing in soccer, the most watched sport globally, FootyBite sources streaming links from other websites, making it prone to legal issues and intrusive pop-up ads. It’s essential to note that using this platform is considered illegal and potentially risky due to malware threats.

Is there a Crackstream App?

There is no specific Crackstream app available. Crackstreams primarily operates as a website that users can access through their web browsers. However, it’s important to note that the availability of apps related to streaming websites can vary, and caution should be exercised when downloading and using third-party applications.

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