Soccer Streams – Original Reddit Soccer Streams.

Reddit banned their famous Reddit Soccer Streams sub-reddits in 2019, but the streams still continue on other websites. We have compiled a list of webpages where you can find the original Reddit football streams.

What is Reddit Soccer streams?

Reddit Soccer streams was a subreddit that allowed users to share links to live streams of soccer matches. The subreddit was created in 2012 and quickly became a popular resource for soccer fans around the world. The subreddit was shut down in 2019 after Reddit received legal threats from copyright holders.

How did Reddit Soccer streams work?

Users of Reddit Soccer streams could post links to live streams of soccer matches in the subreddit. The links were typically to third-party websites that hosted the streams. The streams were often of high quality and were available for free.

reddit soccer streams
The original Reddit soccer streams /r/soccerstreams page.

Why was Reddit Soccer streams shut down?

Reddit Soccer streams was shut down after Reddit received legal threats from copyright holders. The copyright holders argued that the subreddit was violating their copyrights by allowing users to share links to live streams of their content. Reddit ultimately decided to shut down the subreddit in order to avoid legal liability.

Users that visit the Soccer Stream subreddit on now, you will see a notification stating “r/soccerstreams has been banned from reddit. This subreddit has been banned for violations of reddit’s copyright repeat infringement policy.”

New attempt to start soccer streaming subreddits have all been locked down.

Where has Reddit Soccer Streams Moved To?

There are two new websites that claim to be hosting the official, original Reddit soccer streams, but judge for yourself. Both sites aggregate links from other football streaming servers.

Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives.

Are there any alternatives to Reddit Soccer streams?

Yes, there are a number of alternatives to Reddit Soccer streams. Some of the most popular alternatives include:

  • Footybite: Footybite is a website that aggregates links to live streams of soccer matches. The website is easy to use and has a large selection of streams. They claim to be the ‘Official Reddit Soccer Streams’ website.
  • This site also claims to be the Official Reddit Soccer Streams website.
  • Hesgoal: Hesgoal is another website that aggregates links to live streams of soccer matches. The website has a user-friendly interface and offers a variety of stream qualities.
  • Streameast: Very popular streaming site for America sports, but one of their webpages also show European football matches live.
  • Stream2watch: Stream2watch is a website that offers live streams of a variety of sports, including soccer. The website is free to use and has a large selection of streams.
  • Buffstreams: Popular site for America sports streaming ans soccer streams.

Is it legal to use Reddit Soccer streams alternatives?

The legality of using Reddit Soccer streams alternatives depends on the laws of the country in which you are located. In some countries, it is legal to stream copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright holder. In other countries, it is illegal to stream copyrighted content without permission. It is important to check the laws of your country before using any Reddit Soccer streams alternatives.

The Top 10 Reddit Soccer Subreddits.

Reddit, one of the most popular social media platforms, hosts a vibrant and engaging community for football enthusiasts worldwide. With countless subreddits dedicated to soccer, fans can discuss their favorite teams, players, matches, tactics, and more. These subreddits offer a space for like-minded individuals to share their passion for the beautiful game, fostering a sense of camaraderie and knowledge exchange.

Reddit is still a great community for football enthusiasts. Even though the streaming subreddit no longer exists, there are plenty of subreddits for football fans of practically every large team like r/barcelona, r/chelseaFC, r/premierleague etc.

Below we have listed some of the most popular Reddit football subreddits:

1. r/soccer

No list of soccer subreddits would be complete without mentioning the largest and most general soccer community on Reddit: r/soccer. With over 3 million subscribers, this subreddit is a bustling hub of football discussions, memes, and highlights. Users share breaking news, thrilling goals, and engaging analyses from various leagues and competitions worldwide. From the English Premier League to the UEFA Champions League and everything in between, r/soccer covers it all.

2. r/FantasyPL

For the fantasy football enthusiasts, r/FantasyPL is the go-to subreddit. Here, fans gather to discuss player picks, team strategies, and share their success stories or heartbreaks from the fantasy Premier League. The subreddit offers valuable tips, insightful discussions, and friendly banter among managers vying for virtual glory.

3. r/footballtactics

Football is a sport known for its tactical intricacies, and r/footballtactics is the perfect place to delve into these nuances. This subreddit is dedicated to analyzing various playing styles, formations, and tactical approaches of teams and players. Football tacticians and novices alike share their observations and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the beautiful game’s strategic aspects.

4. r/bootroom

For aspiring football players, coaches, and enthusiasts who want to improve their game, r/bootroom serves as an invaluable resource. Here, members exchange tips on training, fitness, skill development, and share advice on how to excel on the pitch. Whether you’re a grassroots player or aiming for professional success, r/bootroom provides a supportive community to elevate your football journey.

5. r/soccergifs

Football is full of moments that leave fans awestruck, and r/soccergifs is the place to relive those magic moments. This subreddit is a treasure trove of GIFs capturing breathtaking goals, skillful dribbles, spectacular saves, and hilarious on-field antics. It’s the ultimate collection of bite-sized football entertainment.

6. r/MLS

Dedicated to Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States and Canada, r/MLS brings together fans of North American football. Here, discussions revolve around MLS teams, matches, players, and the league’s growth and development. It’s an ideal platform for followers of American and Canadian soccer to stay updated and engage in conversations with fellow supporters.

7. r/LiverpoolFC (or other team-specific subreddits)

While r/soccer covers a broad spectrum of football content, team-specific subreddits like r/LiverpoolFC focus on a particular club and its fan base. These subreddits serve as dedicated spaces for fans to discuss everything related to their beloved teams. From match previews and post-match reactions to transfer rumors and club news, these communities foster a strong sense of camaraderie among supporters.

8. r/bootroom

The global nature of football creates a diverse community of fans from various countries, and r/bootroom provides a platform for them to connect. This subreddit aims to bring together fans from different nations to share their experiences, traditions, and perspectives on football. It’s a place where supporters can celebrate the sport’s universal appeal while embracing the unique elements that come with it.

9. r/soccerstreams (now r/footballdownload)

Previously known as r/soccerstreams, this subreddit transformed into r/footballdownload after the crackdown on unofficial streaming. It remains a valuable resource for fans to find links to watch or download full match replays from various leagues and competitions. With an extensive archive of games, this subreddit ensures that fans never miss a moment of football action.

10. r/bootroom

To round off the list, r/bootroom deserves another mention due to its significance in supporting grassroots football. It serves as a space for coaches, players, and parents involved in youth football to seek guidance, share ideas, and discuss their experiences. Whether it’s advice on coaching methods, organizing local tournaments, or managing team dynamics, r/bootroom offers valuable insights to nurture the future generation of footballers.

In conclusion, Reddit’s diverse collection of soccer subreddits caters to the wide-ranging interests and passions of football fans worldwide. Whether you’re seeking news, tactical analysis, fantasy football advice, or simply want to connect with like-minded supporters, these communities provide a welcoming and informative environment. Joining these subreddits opens the door to a treasure trove of football knowledge and camaraderie, allowing fans to share the thrill of the sport they love.

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